I believe antibiotics may help you, live a life
with greatly decreased back pain


Cured back pain

Can antibiotics cure back pain

Antibiotics can cure back pain I am cured, but this is not a complete cure. I believe I had more than one back problem, but one above all others was life changing the pain was so intense the injuries were frequent and reoccurring, because I knew no better I accepted the treatment offered to me which was panadol and physio, after a physio had badly hurt me i decided never again to seek treatment, because they only ever hurt me. It is this injury which is cured

Disclaimer I found a cure to my back pain by accident

This antibiotics cure is not for all, I do not fully understand how or why I have been cured, but I suffered huge back pain, incredibly huge pain. This is what I think. A high percentage of people will suffer back pain in their lifetimes, when in pain we take pain killers, we learn this from a very young age. 

Pharmaceutical companies make money from back pain

Pharmaceutical companies have a vested interest in not wanting to promote anything that will help reduce reliance on painkillers. The research on antibiotics curing back pain is there on the internet, but the information is 3 or 4 years old.
Why are people not being advised to research this possible cure? maybe because this may lead to a reduction in pain killer use, can antibiotics cure back pain, they can.

I understand these things need to be tested, but four years

I understand testing is required to be done, but I was never offered this, for me a banged up infected toe required a longer than normal course of antibiotics for the toe infection, it would take a full 16 day course of antibiotics to clear my toe infection, but about day 12 on antibiotics my back pain started to reduce and reduce a lot.

I own Website Design Whangarei and understand Google

I am a real Google user, so I asked doctor Google this exact question, can antibiotics cure back pain, I was amazed at what I found. Remember here I am not a doctor I am the patient that suffers the pain, the end user of painkillers. Doctor Google said antibiotics can cure back pain and told me to get the best results I would need a 100 day course of antibiotics

I told my doctor I wanted to complete a 100 day course

My doctor was not keen at all, and knew very little about the research. I am a bright highly motivated person, I was not going to return to the days of massive back pain I was only 16 days into the course and already my back was better than it had been in nine years, I got my 84 days I needed, that was almost two and a half years ago.

I have gone from 25 back injuries a year to none

I have reduced my painkiller use to almost none. I have gout sometimes they say gout is the worst pain you can suffer, so my back pain was way above gout in pain, gout would not even get close. I think after two and a half years I can call it a cure.

This back injury accident was a Motorsport accident

ACC this accident was a Motorsport accident, after this accident I had to give up my kart racing because I could no longer sit in the kart seat because of the pain from my back where the lump was. However I still did not give up racing cars I resumed car racing.

A lot of people look at my disability and completely misjudge me as just another cripple just as all the medical people have, Often when I meet people they ask? do they let you drive a car, my response is normally a little smile, because I know things they dont understand. I have over 30 years of motor racing behind me.

Can antibiotics cure back pain

Simply reaching behind could cause back injury